Package iaik.smime.ess.utils

Interface Summary
CertificateDatabase A simple certificate database allowing to query for certificates based on certificate identifiers.
KeyDatabase A simple key database allowing to query for (private, secret) keys based on their key identifiers.
SecurityLabelHandler Generic interface to may be implemented to decide about how to handle an ESSSecurityLabel or EquivalentLabels attribute when detected in a SignerInfo during processing a mutli-layered ESS S/MIME message.

Class Summary
EncryptedKeyStoreDatabase Simple, Java KeyStore based key and certificate data base that keeps the keys encrypted in the base KeyStore.
EnvelopedESSLayer An ESS layer holding an encrypted S/MIME entity.
ESSLayer A wrapper for an ESS S/MIME layer.
ESSLayers ESSLayer container.
ESSUtil Some ESS utils.
KeyStoreDatabase Simple, Java KeyStore based key and certificate data base.
MLA Mail list agent Handler.
PasswordDialog A simple dialog for prompting a password.
SenderAndReceiptContentDigest An utility class for keeping sender signature message digest and receipt content message digest values for SignedReceipt validation.
SignedESSLayer An ESS layer holding a signed S/MIME entity.
SignedReceipt Utility for parsing a message for an included ReceiptRequest attribute and in return creating a signed Receipt message.
SignerInfoVerificationResult Result of the signature verification of a CMS SignerInfo.

Exception Summary
CertificateDatabaseException General exception indicating any CertificateDatabase related problem.
ESSLayerException This exception is thrown when a problem occurs while decomposing a S/MIME message into its layers.
KeyDatabaseException General exception indicating any KeyDatabase related problem.
KeyStoreDatabaseException General exception indicating any KeyStoreDatabase related problem.
SignedReceiptException This exception is thrown when the creation of a SignedReceipt fails for some reason.

This Javadoc may contain text parts from text parts from IETF Internet Standard specifications (see copyright note).

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