Class HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory

  extended by iaik.protocol.https.HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory
extends java.lang.Object
implements java.net.URLStreamHandlerFactory

The class HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory implements an URLStreamHandlerFactory for HTTPS URLs. It can be registered with the java.net APIs via

   URL.setURLStreamHandlerFactory(new HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory());
The setURLStreamHandlerFactory() call can be executed only once per Java VM invocation. In order to allow you to use additional custom protocols this factory class allows you to register them with it. Other methods for registering HTTPS URLs are described in the companion document.

Note that there is a separate document describing the use of HTTPS with iSaSiLk in more detail, it is called https.html and provided in your iSaSiLk installation directory.

See Also:
HttpsURLConnection, Handler

Constructor Summary
          Create a new HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory().
Method Summary
 void addHandler(java.lang.String protocol, java.net.URLStreamHandler handler)
          Add an additional URLStreamHandler.
 java.net.URLStreamHandler createURLStreamHandler(java.lang.String protocol)
          Return a URLStreamHandler for the given protocol or null.
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Constructor Detail


public HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory()
Create a new HttpsURLStreamHandlerFactory().

Method Detail


public java.net.URLStreamHandler createURLStreamHandler(java.lang.String protocol)
Return a URLStreamHandler for the given protocol or null. Method from the URLStreamHandlerFactory interface, normally not used by applications.

Specified by:
createURLStreamHandler in interface java.net.URLStreamHandlerFactory


public void addHandler(java.lang.String protocol,
                       java.net.URLStreamHandler handler)
Add an additional URLStreamHandler.

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