Class DefaultNoTrustChainVerifier

  extended by iaik.security.ssl.ChainVerifier
      extended by iaik.security.ssl.DefaultNoTrustChainVerifier

public class DefaultNoTrustChainVerifier
extends ChainVerifier

Alternative ChainVerifier implementation that rejects any certificate if no trust anchor has been set.

This ChainVerifier changes the default trust policy to NOT trust a certificate if no trusted certificate has been added yet. The main ChainVerifier implementation trusts a successfully verified certificate chain if no trust anchor is set.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class iaik.security.ssl.ChainVerifier
CACHE_SIZE, cachedCerts, cacheSize, checkServerName, nullTrusted, trustedCerts
Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class iaik.security.ssl.ChainVerifier
addTrustedCertificate, cacheCertificate, cacheCertificates, clearCachedCertificates, clearTrustedCertificates, dumpCertificateChain, getCertificateChain, getCheckServerName, getIssuerCertificate, getTrustedCertificates, getTrustedCertificatesArray, getTrustedPrincipals, getTrustedPrincipalsArray, isCachedCertificate, isTrustedCertificate, removeTrustedCertificate, setCacheSize, setCheckServerName, size, verifyCertificate, verifyChain, verifyChain, verifyChain, verifyClient, verifyServer
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultNoTrustChainVerifier()
Default constructor.

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