Interface TLS13Communication

All Superinterfaces:
SSLCommunication, TLSCommunication
All Known Implementing Classes:
SSLSocket, SSLTransport

public interface TLS13Communication
extends TLSCommunication

Extends TLSCommunication to add some methods implemented by SSLTransport and SSLSocket.

See Also:
SSLSocket, SSLTransport

Method Summary
 void postHandshake(TLS13PostHandshakeConfig postHandshakeConfig)
          Performs a TLS 1.3 post handshake.
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Method Detail


void postHandshake(TLS13PostHandshakeConfig postHandshakeConfig)
                   throws java.io.IOException
Performs a TLS 1.3 post handshake.

This method may be called by an application to trigger some post handshake action. The given post handshake configuration specifies the type of post handshake to be performed (either NEW_SESSION_TICKET to send a new session ticket to the client, POST_HANDSHAKE_AUTH to request post client authentication, or KEY_UPDATE to perform a key update) and may provide some configuration options. Sending a new session ticket or requesting post client authentication may be only triggered on the server side, a key update may be done on both, client or server side.

postHandshakeConfig - the post handshake configuration
java.io.IOException - if the requested post handshake action is not suitable for the local connection end, handshake state or protocol version, or some error occurs when performing the post handshake

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