Interface TrustDecider

All Known Subinterfaces:
ClientTrustDecider, ServerTrustDecider

Deprecated. see SSLContext JavaDoc and separate document for the new authentication framework

public interface TrustDecider

Method Summary
 boolean isTrustedPeer(SSLCertificate certificate)
          Deprecated. Decides if the peer certificate is trusted or not.

Method Detail


boolean isTrustedPeer(SSLCertificate certificate)
Decides if the peer certificate is trusted or not. The handshaker calls this method with the certificate chain sent by the peer. The trust decider now can decide if this certificate is trusted or not. If the trust decider rejects the certificate a SSLException "Untrusted Certificate!" is thrown and the connection is closed.

To set your own TrustDecider use the method setTrustDecieder of class SSLContext.

If no trust decider is set every certificate is trusted.

certificate - the certificate (list) of the peer or null if the peer has no certificate
true if the peer is trusted or false otherwise

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