Class TLSUniqueChannelBinding

  extended by iaik.security.ssl.chb.ChannelBinding
      extended by iaik.security.ssl.chb.TLSUniqueChannelBinding
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TLSUniqueChannelBinding
extends ChannelBinding

This class implements the tls-unique channel binding according to RFC 5929.

RFC 5929 specifies the tls-unique channel binding as the first Finished message verify data in the most recent handshake.

An application that is interested to capture the tls-unique channel binding value has to announce its interest by adding a ChannelBindings containing the TLSUniqueChannelBinding to the SSLContext object, e.g.:

 ChannelBindings channelBindings = new ChannelBindings();
 channelBindings.addChannelBinding(new TLSServerEndPointChannelBinding());
After having completed the handshake the tls-unique channel binding value can be obtained from the SSLSocket:
 ChannelBindings chBndgs = socket.getChannelBindings();
 if (chBndgs != null) {
   TLSUniqueChannelBinding tlsUnique = (TLSUniqueChannelBinding)chBndgs.getChannelBinding(TLSUniqueChannelBinding.TYPE);
   if (tlsUnique != null) {
     System.out.println("tls-unique: " + Util.toString(tlsUnique.getData()));
   TLSServerEndPointChannelBinding tlsServerEndPoint = (TLSServerEndPointChannelBinding)chBndgs.getChannelBinding(TLSServerEndPointChannelBinding.TYPE);
   if (tlsServerEndPoint != null) {
     System.out.println("tls-server-end-point: " + Util.toString(tlsServerEndPoint.getData()));

See Also:
ChannelBinding, ChannelBindings, ChannelBindingType

Field Summary
static ChannelBindingType TYPE
Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
TLSUniqueChannelBinding(byte[] data)
          Creates a TLSUniqueChannelBinding object with the given Finished verify data.
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Field Detail


public static final ChannelBindingType TYPE
Constructor Detail


public TLSUniqueChannelBinding()
Default constructor.


public TLSUniqueChannelBinding(byte[] data)
Creates a TLSUniqueChannelBinding object with the given Finished verify data.

data - the Finsihed verify data

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